Bing on your mobile phone

6 May

It’s getting harder and harder to find a good mobile marketing campaign every week. I spent almost half day and still didn’t see any interesting marketing event for mobile. However, when I was browsing webpages, I found there is a banner showed “Get Bing on your phone”. 

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From telegraph to Internet

2 May

After reading the book “Victorian Internet”, this week article “Technologies of the third mediamorphosis” brought me back to the subtle relationship between telegraph and Internet again. It is obviously that Internet will not have today’s success without many intelligent inventions of telegraph in nineteenth-century.

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Amazon Appstore apps?

30 Apr

I guess everyone in the mobile class knows that I am really a big fan of “angry birds” game. 😀 So this week, when I got stuck in what topic I should do in mobile post? I tried to turn on my angry bird apps and hoped to find some interesting marketing campaigns in it. Then I found it. An Amazon app store banner just pop up when I clicked pause during the game.

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Book Review – The Victorian Internet

25 Apr

The Victorian Internet was published in 1998 and authored by Tom Standage, a professional journalist who has written about technology and science for many different newspapers and magazines for a long time.  In this book, Tom used his clever written words to describe the history of telegraph development in nineteenth-century with lots of interesting and significant stories about scientists and amateur inventors. From how scientists found the electricity could be transmitted by a long distance to the invented process by well-known Morse code, the book did a great job for providing the context of each period of development. Like every products now, telegraph also experienced the attitude from skepticism of people’s eyes but soon changed to embracement from public and was utilized by different markets very much. Militaries, governments and private enterprises or even wealth people all rely on the telegraph in nineteenth-century. It also changed the social behaviors and intercommunication way of people at that time. Good part such as on-line wedding helped people in love to find a new solution for their marriage ceremony, and bad part such as cheating on racehorse contest for gaining the notorious price. The book not only introduced the glory age of telegraph for how it impacted the whole society, but also lamented the decline of telegraph with consequent new inventions – telephone in the last chapter. I personally really enjoyed this book because of its vivid writing and copious content of telegraph history. Also, I can’t stop applying the stories mentioned in the book to current life with our “Internet” world when I was reading.

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mycokerewards SMS campaign

22 Apr

I am not a big fan of soda drinks before I came to United States. However, the miscellaneous kinds of soda drinks in this country indeed captured my attention and now I become a little bit addicted to it. So, last week I bought a package of my favorite soda drinks – Coca-Cola cherry flavor and then noticed that there is a campaign wording on its package box.

The wording on the box.

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A free song download from T-Mobile Careers Card

15 Apr

This Friday UW held a big event called “Spring Career Fair” fo all UW students in HecEd Pavillion from 3:00-7:00. For me, a unemployed international student, it sounds like a good idea to hang around and get some “networking” opportunities. Hence, I arrived the fair around 3:30 and started looking for some chances to talk with my interested companies. When I passed by the T-Mobile booth, I noticed that they prepared business cards for students to take. So I definitely took one card and realized it’s not totally a business card.

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Mobile phone evolutions (Thesis statement) for # Com 546

12 Apr

The research will discuss the history of how mobile devices have been evolving from the analog cell phone age to this “iPhone” touchscreen world. Hoping to discover what decisions making influenced the current market and communication way of people. Furthermore, the research also expects to find out what might be the future direction of mobile phone and what might be the difficulties it will meet.  The research wants to focus on comparing the mobile phones evolutions between one Asia country (maybe Japan) and US&EU market to study what reasons caused the similar and different elements happened in each development process. Continue reading