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Good & Bad mobile web landing page

13 May

Today is Friday the 13th and I can’t find anything interesting for the mobile marketing campaign. OK, I know this is not a excuse. So I think maybe I can still post something related to the mobile marketing campaign. Hence, after I browsed some mobile banners and landing pages on my phone, I decided to talk about what is good and what is bad mobile web landing page design. Continue reading


Bing on your mobile phone

6 May

It’s getting harder and harder to find a good mobile marketing campaign every week. I spent almost half day and still didn’t see any interesting marketing event for mobile. However, when I was browsing webpages, I found there is a banner showed “Get Bing on your phone”. 

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Amazon Appstore apps?

30 Apr

I guess everyone in the mobile class knows that I am really a big fan of “angry birds” game. 😀 So this week, when I got stuck in what topic I should do in mobile post? I tried to turn on my angry bird apps and hoped to find some interesting marketing campaigns in it. Then I found it. An Amazon app store banner just pop up when I clicked pause during the game.

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mycokerewards SMS campaign

22 Apr

I am not a big fan of soda drinks before I came to United States. However, the miscellaneous kinds of soda drinks in this country indeed captured my attention and now I become a little bit addicted to it. So, last week I bought a package of my favorite soda drinks – Coca-Cola cherry flavor and then noticed that there is a campaign wording on its package box.

The wording on the box.

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A free song download from T-Mobile Careers Card

15 Apr

This Friday UW held a big event called “Spring Career Fair” fo all UW students in HecEd Pavillion from 3:00-7:00. For me, a unemployed international student, it sounds like a good idea to hang around and get some “networking” opportunities. Hence, I arrived the fair around 3:30 and started looking for some chances to talk with my interested companies. When I passed by the T-Mobile booth, I noticed that they prepared business cards for students to take. So I definitely took one card and realized it’s not totally a business card.

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