I am Coco Tsai. I was a web and mobile producer. I am a student of MCDM cohort 10. I was born in Taipei, Taiwan 30 years ago. Now I am living in Seattle for my graduate school programs.

For over 6 years working experience in mobile and Internet products development, I have been absorbing innovate ideas of interactive design of products and users’ behaviors analysis in various conditions. I expect that I can apply my experience and knowledge from programs to assist my future company in inventing killer products in the market.

Recent Employment:
Yahoo! Taiwan Inc. – Taipei, Taiwan
Mobile Web Product Manager
Producer, Mobile value-added content services
WALKGAME CORP. – Taipei, Taiwan
Product Marketer
ROCKMOBILE CORP. – Taipei, Taiwan
Product Planner

Selected Achievements:
* Successfully applied mobile technologies to Taiwan Yahoo! Answers service, the company’s most popular property in Taiwan, by integrating Yahoo! Answers’ database. Achieved a highest record of 100,000 page views per week in April 2009.
* Introduced and implemented Yahoo!’s exclusive mobile search features including hot keywords and various content cluster for Yahoo! One Search product. Created record high usage – 1,350,000 page views in August 2008.
* Defined in-product marketing strategies through content alliance with global music record companies such as Warner music, Sony BMG, and EMI to acquire music licenses for mobile ringtone service development.


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