Reflection of discussion leader assignment

18 May

To be honest, I was super super nervous about my discussion leader assignment before the real presentation. However I have to say that I gained lots of sense of fulfillment after I presented! The whole process of this discussion leader task was very challenging but also pushed me to learn a lot. From the article reading and summary posting to the presentation power point designing, I went through various kinds of thoughts thinking and decision making process. What does this theory exactly mean? Why did authors provide this suggestion in conclusion? Should I mention this part in my presentation? Should I ask this question to my discussion group? It’s really a good practice for me especially on the oral presentation part. I have to admit that I need to prepare my script of my oral presentation and practice it many times before I give the real presentation because of I am not a native speaker. I need to prepare well because it’s too hard for me to do the impromptu speech. I am glad I did it well eventually.

I also feel surprised that I was quite enjoyable during the presentation. I think the biggest reason is that I heard a lot of different ideas from my audience. I have confidence that I am familiar with my topic – consumer adoption of mobile TV, however my audience gave me different thoughts and arguments when they answered my discussion questions. For example, I didn’t think about the consumption of battery will be the concerns when users want to use mobile TV services. Also, I didn’t consider the “live TV programs” will be the attractive content to consumers, at least some of my audience today. The interactive conversation between me and audience really completed the whole presentation. It’s a wonderful experience to me and I hope I can apply this experience to my future presentations and make them better!


One Response to “Reflection of discussion leader assignment”

  1. Kathy E. Gill 05/24/2011 at 1:10 pm #

    Yeah! Double yeah — yeah that you posted a reflection (that is, you thought about the experience) and yeah that you enjoyed the experience. 🙂

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