Good & Bad mobile web landing page

13 May

Today is Friday the 13th and I can’t find anything interesting for the mobile marketing campaign. OK, I know this is not a excuse. So I think maybe I can still post something related to the mobile marketing campaign. Hence, after I browsed some mobile banners and landing pages on my phone, I decided to talk about what is good and what is bad mobile web landing page design.

I found two mobile banners on the same mobile web site called US magazine. One banner looks like a campaign for sweepstakes event.

I was curious about the campaign so I clicked it immediately. However the unfit landing page made me feel confused and was not sure about if I should go through the process due to some words is missing.

Unfit landing page with truncate website let people feel confused about what the content it is. Also there is a lot of empty place under the content. It is obviously the campaign website have some bugs for the mobile phone screen.

On the opposite side, I found a good mobile landing page when continue broswing US magazine mobile site. The banner is promoting the famous female maintenance brand “Olay”. The wording on the banner is very clever and attractive. “Oily Screen? Tap and clean.”

After clicking the banner, I felt impressed by its clean and clear landing page. The landing page has very attractive key image and big font of slogan on the top. It also has two big buttons on the bottom. After clicking one of the buttons, it was linked to a page which has precise product list, beautiful product image and titles.

I have told the importance of landing page when doing the mobile marketing campaign in my mid-term individual presentation. Landing page is a page that let campaign to communicate with their audience clearly  due to the banner only can put few words on it.

These two different mobile landing pages proved my point again. Good landing page will make you feel enjoyable and want to look for more information; bad landing page make you feel confused and lose the interest in it. In my opinion, I believe that a successful landing page of mobile campaign should have at least two attributes: simple and clear. Because mobile phone screen is small, and too complicated design only make users feel dizzy, not happy.


One Response to “Good & Bad mobile web landing page”

  1. Kelly McIvor 05/15/2011 at 3:14 pm #

    When it comes to mobile marketing it seems like there should be a warning, “Don’t try this at home. Consult a professional.”

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