Bing on your mobile phone

6 May

It’s getting harder and harder to find a good mobile marketing campaign every week. I spent almost half day and still didn’t see any interesting marketing event for mobile. However, when I was browsing webpages, I found there is a banner showed “Get Bing on your phone”. 

I wondered does this banner promote the Bing search engine? Or MSN mobile website? So I clicked the banner then I saw the whole page introduced how to use your mobile phone go the Bing homepage. So it is promoting the Bing search engine.

The Bing introduction of mobile website

This page provide users two different ways to go to “Bing” mobile website. First one you can directly type in your mobile web browser, second one you can enter you phone numbers and it will send you a text link. However, the second one may charge the text fee from you. Hence I chose the first one method: to type the URL by myself.

After entering the URL, the homepage of is pretty neat and simple. Background image is a beautiful ocean view. And there are only three words on the bottom: “images”, “maps” and “local”. My intuition told me I should use my fingers to swipe the screen from bottom to the top and there should be more words under the “local”. Indeed, there are totally eleven words on the screen. However, I was wondering that is that possible every user knows how to manipulate this interface design?

Then I followed the introduction on the webpage that ask users to click “deals” to make great decision on different deals.

It showed up a page which asked me to choose my location and it will help to find great deals on restaurants, entertainment and more. So I chose “Seattle, WA” and saw the page below.

The result page showed the deals around your location. The webpage mentioned that they cooperate with Groupon, Living Social and Restaurant.Com. I think to show up the result of deals near by your location is very reasonable and convenient, but unfortunately I am not a shopping girl so I actually don’t have lots interesting to click those deals.

Beside this mobile website, I also try to link I found on the website to download the apps of Bing. For some reason, the page doesn’t exist and I don’t know why. So I didn’t have chance to test their apps.

Overall, the Bing mobile website is quite clear and easy to use. Although I was a little confused in the beginning about the homepage due to I only saw three words and was not very sure if those words are linkable or not. I am not sure if I will continue using the Bing search engine because my Android phone always show the Google search engine page for me. That’s why it is Android phone though. However, at least, now I know there is a Bing search feature for mobile phone and so do you. 🙂


2 Responses to “Bing on your mobile phone”

  1. Kelly McIvor 05/07/2011 at 12:17 pm #

    Hmm. Thinking about last weeks guest speaker’s presentation it seems like Bing is doing some things right but not others. I’d think the list of categories would start at the top and there would be some indication that there was more content below (or maybe make two columns?).
    It’s funny that you don’t want to do SMS. There is never a special charge. They only tell you that you’ll pay whatever your phone company would normally charge.

    • cocotsai 05/07/2011 at 12:45 pm #

      Yes, actually I guess they want to make their mobile web site more like “mobile web app”. So they design the menu on homepage with “swiping” style but not just the fixed navigation. And indeed their menu with three words in the beginning will slide from the bottom to indicate users “there are more menu after this”. However, I just wonder if this is a good design if users didn’t notice that…

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