Amazon Appstore apps?

30 Apr

I guess everyone in the mobile class knows that I am really a big fan of “angry birds” game. 😀 So this week, when I got stuck in what topic I should do in mobile post? I tried to turn on my angry bird apps and hoped to find some interesting marketing campaigns in it. Then I found it. An Amazon app store banner just pop up when I clicked pause during the game.

It said “Angry Birds Rio, Now Available! amazon appstore”. I was curious about how to download the angry birds in amazon appstore? So I clicked it and then here are the pages I went through.

The first page is an angry birds product information in amazon layout. The right top corner appeared the amazon home and cart .

In the middle of first page, there is a price “$0.99” for this angry birds app.  There are two options: 1. Buy from Amazon Appstore 2. Add to wish list. And it also reminds you that you may need to install Amazon Appstore first in order to buy this app.

At the end of the page, there are some familiar links we often see in amazon website.

Actually I don’t know where I can install the Amazon Appstore first. I just clicked the option 1 “Buy From Amazon Appstore” to see what will happen. The I saw this page.

There is a “download now” button for downloading Amazon Apps. OK, it seems that it directed me to download the Amazon Appstore apps first. Also beside the download button, there are three reminders about after downloading this app.

1. Tap “Settings”

2. Check the box to allow “Unknown” sources (the source is Amazon), then tap “OK”

3. Tap the back button twice to return to this page, then tap “Download now” again.

Indeed, I have to follow the three reminders above to install my Amazon Appstore apps because I saw this page. It said “For security, your phone is set to block installation of applications not obtained from Android Market.”

Then I followed the reminder to tap “setting”, and checked the box to allow “Unknown” sources. I should continue select “OK”, however I decided not to do it due to I saw this alert.

The alert is “your phone and personal data are more vulnerable to attack by appellations from unknown sources. You agree that you are solely responsible for any damage to your phone or loss of data that may result from using these applications.” OK, this is scary enough. I don’t want to be responsible for this since I don’t necessary need to download the app from Amazon Appstore. At least now there is no need for it. So I stopped the process.

I still feel confused about this Amazon Appstores apps. It sounds like users need to download this apps first then they can purchase the digital products from Amazon on their Android phone. I am not sure if it is compelling to users who already get used to download apps from Android market. Also, the Angry Birds Rio version is free in Android market, (of course I already had this one…) why bother to spend $0.99 to buy it? The alert makes me feel uncomfortable as well, but I guess this is a standard process when you download some apps that Android phone may not have capability to be responsible for the security issues.

In conclusion, the process of first time to download an apps in the Amazon Appstores seems not to be difficult, however if there is a security issue, there is a barrier for me.


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