mycokerewards SMS campaign

22 Apr

I am not a big fan of soda drinks before I came to United States. However, the miscellaneous kinds of soda drinks in this country indeed captured my attention and now I become a little bit addicted to it. So, last week I bought a package of my favorite soda drinks – Coca-Cola cherry flavor and then noticed that there is a campaign wording on its package box.

The wording on the box.

The wording is : Enter you code online or text to 2653. The event seems like to get some rewards from Coca-Cola website. Hence, I used my cell phone and enter the code inside the box and sent it to 2653 to see what will happen.

The code inside the box.

The code is really long which has 14 digits plus I am still getting used to my new phone with my fat fingers, hence I accidentally clicked the “send” button without completing my code. And immediately, I received a message to indicate that I didn’t type in a valid code. Also, I can reply HELP for help (This conforms to MMA guideline.) or go to to ask for help. But actually I knew the fault is because I typed so fast so I type the code again. This time I successfully sent the correct code and also get one message back. I don’t know how to define if I was succeed or failed about the event. Because the message said: Oops your mobile is not linked. Sign up within the next 3 days to get your 10pts& start bossting your bal. Msg&data rates may apply. OK, so now I think I need to go to the website and to find out what does it mean “your mobile is not linked and sigh up issue.”

First message : my lapse of sending invalid code & second message : I sent a correct code but I need to sign up on the website.

So, I went the and realized that I need to sign up first for an account then I can earn points with my code.

There is lots of products that let you purchase by your points. It actually very attracted to me since I love drinking Coca-Cola so why not to get some extra rewards? I like the idea that you can get rewards and keep thinking maybe I should sign up for this.

My user experience of this event couldn’t say very smoothly. First, the code is too long for me to type correctly. Second, I haven’t signed up for, hence I can’t earn my points with cell phone immediately. However, I assume once you registered to be a member then you can use cell phone to earn points in the future. The good design I noticed is that the website use for its short URL in the SMS. And when you type in your PC or MAC browser, it will automatically redirect to URL. I think it is smart to utilize the limitation characters of SMS and it also easy for user to remember. I guess I will sign up for the site very soon because I am planning to purchase another package of soda drinks next time, which is not very good for my health…


One Response to “mycokerewards SMS campaign”

  1. Kelly McIvor 04/24/2011 at 9:06 pm #

    I agree that it’s not a bad experience and it seems MMA-compliant but really interests me about this campaign is that the code, 2653, is a four-digit number. Common short codes are 5 or 6 digit numbers. Four-digit codes are usually reserved for campaigns offered by the carrier directly.
    In this case, it appears Coke has approached every/most carriers and arranged that this code, 2653 (which spells COKE on ‘regular’ handsets) will be special to Coca-Cola. I have never seen this done before and I suspect a TON of money was spent to make it happen!

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