A free song download from T-Mobile Careers Card

15 Apr

This Friday UW held a big event called “Spring Career Fair” fo all UW students in HecEd Pavillion from 3:00-7:00. For me, a unemployed international student, it sounds like a good idea to hang around and get some “networking” opportunities. Hence, I arrived the fair around 3:30 and started looking for some chances to talk with my interested companies. When I passed by the T-Mobile booth, I noticed that they prepared business cards for students to take. So I definitely took one card and realized it’s not totally a business card.

T-Mobile card in spring career fair


The front side has T-Mobile’s Jobs network URL and back side has a QR code and promotion slogan: 1 FREE SONG! It said once you finish your sign up process on T-Mobile Jobs network page, then you will receive a free song on confirmation email and use the PIN number on the card to redeem it. Hence I used my HTC Android phone to scan the QR code and expected to receive one free song. However, I realized I don’t have any QR code scanner so I went to download one first. After downloading a QR code scanner, I scanned the QR code on the card and it immediately detected the URL:

And I clicked “open” button to link to this page:

The page asked about my email, name, city, state and network talent and business of interest. After I filled in all the information, it linked me to this page:

The page said “Thanks for signing up and now your are a member of our network. We will send quarterly newsletter and other exciting news.” And there are lots of other links such as “Home”, “Customer service” at the bottom of the page.

After finishing all the process, my biggest question is “Where is my free song?!”

If I didn’t misunderstood the description on the card, I should receive a confirmation email with a free song download link after I sighed up the network. However, I haven’t received any email from T-Mobile until now. I am not sure it is a bug or it’s just delayed by the system? Maybe I will get one later or tomorrow? Although my main purpose is to sign up in T-Mobile network to get latest jobs information and news not for the free stuffs, I still want to get my free song. I think the users experience here is not very well.

To sum up, I like the design of T-Mobile career card and QR code on it. It makes the company look professional and fancy. After all, it is a “carrier” which provides mobile service and QR code is one of the trends now. However I was expecting that I can get a free song immediately from the mobile web page instead of a confirmed email. The less steps is better for me. I believe it is also better for most people.


2 Responses to “A free song download from T-Mobile Careers Card”

  1. Kelly McIvor 04/20/2011 at 9:45 am #

    Well, let us know if you ever get the song. I’m curious if they were using iTunes or ??

    • cocotsai 04/20/2011 at 11:17 am #

      I haven’t gotten one until now! Don’t know what’s happened…I have no ideas what format of a song will be or what player will be used of this song …

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