Mobile phone evolutions (Thesis statement) for # Com 546

12 Apr

The research will discuss the history of how mobile devices have been evolving from the analog cell phone age to this “iPhone” touchscreen world. Hoping to discover what decisions making influenced the current market and communication way of people. Furthermore, the research also expects to find out what might be the future direction of mobile phone and what might be the difficulties it will meet.  The research wants to focus on comparing the mobile phones evolutions between one Asia country (maybe Japan) and US&EU market to study what reasons caused the similar and different elements happened in each development process.

An initial outline of the research:

  1. Telephony history in US&EU and Japan
  2. What reasons caused the similar and different development process in US&EU and Japan and why? (Now, I could think about government policies, culture difference…etc.)
  3. What major impacts to people and society in US&EU and Japan since the mobile phone has invented? For example, the change of communication way, the influence of lifestyle due to location based searching…etc.
  4. What is the future of the mobile phones in US&EU and Japan? What are the difficulties it may meet?

During the research paper searching process, I found one interesting article “Mighty networks from little decisions grow.” It introduced the cell phone 25 years history in UK with vivid description and humorous writing style. The author used lots of critical history events to indicate how those little decisions to influence the telecommunication world in current British society, and even United States. For example, it mentioned “When the US was choosing between GSM, digital AMPS and CDMA for its digital cellular standard, Short, as deputy chair of the GSM Association, would go to US meetings and explain GSM’s reach by telling them that it was “in more countries than McDonald’s”.” (Collins, 2009, p.67) I can’t stop laughing when I saw this paragraph and felt impressive of author’s great quotation which also brought out why GSM is the main operation system of mobile phone nowadays. I expect my research paper could take this article as my imitated sample and write such interesting and meaningful story for my topic.

So far, I am still collecting various research papers, journals and articles to keep narrowing down my research topic. The reason I want to compare US&EU with Japan is because I think Japan is a very unique country of mobile phone development, and I want to know what reasons or conditions made Japan’s mobile phone market became so different from US&EU. However, I need to do more research and read more papers to clarify if the topic is workable. Also, I am looking forward to having feedback from my classmates and the instructor in the coming weeks.


Collins, L. (2009, December 5) Mighty networks from little decisions grow. Engineering & Technology. P.64-67 Retrieved from, University of Washington Library


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