Preliminary Project ideas # Com 546

4 Apr

When the question comes to “what project of evolutions and trends in digital media do you want to work on?”, my first idea is Mobile. No doubt that “Mobile” has been playing an important role to me no matter in my career or personal life. If you look at my resume, almost all the jobs I did are related to mobile. I can’t say that I love mobile first and decided to do the job, however I would love to say after I was involved in the mobile world, I became to love it and enjoy the innovations and rapidly changing culture in the field. Hence, I wish I can work on the project about mobile. Here are some directions I want to focus on:

1. The appearance of mobile phone. I remember when the first mobile phone came out in the market, it was so big and heavy (and ugly comparing to the currently cellphones). It just like you bring your home use telephone to outside. Then the design of mobile phone appearance changed rapidly. Once the screen became very small and the body of phone became very thin. But now all smart phones have big screen. Why does this change happen? What is the reason that make mobile phone appearance keep changing?

2. The features of mobile phone. From feature phones to smart phones and now the touch screen almost dominate the market. From having keyboard for spelling to handwriting functions; from only design for talking to everything you almost can do on a mobile phone. I am curious about what social needs and users experience made these changes happened.

So far, I am still thinking about different aspects of mobile phone evolution and trends. Hope I can have more meaningful points of view after I start studying on the related research papers and getting feedback from my class.


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